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tau's Xenogears page

Hello and welcome to my Xenogears page. I hope you enjoy your visit, and I hope you enjoy my page as much as I enjoyed making it! Site contains spoilers.

The main attraction of this page is its image collection.

This site will probably not be updated anymore. Sorry.

You may contact me at tau@tautoz.com, but don't expect a reply.


8/7/02 - Put the finishing touches on the site so that it will at least be usable and hopefully useful:

  • updated the title
  • reinstated on a new server
  • added a link from the Walkthrough section to gamefaqs.com - there is no need for me to write another Xenogears walkthrough with so many excellent ones already available
  • miscellaneous other changes to reflect that this site is final and no longer a work in progress
Note that this probably will be the final update to this site.

6/25/00 - Made nav bar at top of page, added counter, added MIDI music, added title pic to Elly and Fei's character info

6/24/00 - Added images of characters, and made image thumbnail pages. Also added Item List, Equipment List, Weapons List, and Gear Parts List.

6/23/00 - Started work on web page, finished collage at top of page.

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